number 6. Your Head Rush. Also called: The ‘Waterfall’. Strategy:

number 6. Your Head Rush. Also called: The ‘Waterfall’. Strategy:

Lie on your own straight back nearby the side of a sleep or couch. Gradually slide backward until your mind and arms are resting on to the floor. You can make use of a pillow or pillow behind your face for additional convenience. She straddles both you and gets busy.


She will either kneel regarding the edge of the bed ‘Cowgirl’-style or put her feet ahead (shown into the example). An alternative choice is on her behalf to face on the ground and relax on your erect penis.


  • Bloodstream rushing to your face can lead to a mind-blowing orgasm.
  • You can get a great view associated with the action while she does almost all of the work.
  • That is a face-to-face position with extremely deep penetration, making the two of you extremely delighted.
  • She reaches be in charge of the level and rate for the action.


  • Be cautious while you place your self – you might injure your throat. We don’t recommend you try this if you have a recent or pre-existing neck or shoulder condition. Continue reading