What’s the Age of Consent for Sex in Washington?

What’s the Age of Consent for Sex in Washington?

The age of consent for participation in sexual activity is 16 years old in Washington State. When someone reaches the age of 16, they are able to lawfully consent to sexual intercourse with a appropriate adult who’s 18 years old or older. There are lots of exceptions for this guideline, talked about below. The chronilogical age of permission guidelines when you look at the state of Washington are relevant to both heterosexual and activity that is homosexual.

In accordance with Washington legislation, “consent” implies that at the full time for the work of intercourse or sexual contact you can find real terms or conduct indicating easily provided contract to own intercourse or intimate contact.


  1. Exactly what are the Exceptions to Age of Consent Rule in Washington?
  2. What’s the “Close in Age” Exemption?
  3. Exactly what are Washington’s Penalties for breaking the Age of Consent?
  4. Do I need to Consult legal counsel If we Violated age Consent in Washington State?

Do you know the Exceptions to Age of Consent Rule in Washington?

There are numerous exceptions where 16 12 months olds is almost certainly not in a position to consent to activity that is sexual. They are the following:

  • Whenever sexual intercourse happens between a foster parent and a child that is foster. If this particular sexual intercourse happens, the chronilogical age of permission is bumped as much as 18. Hence, a foster son or daughter would need to be 18 in order to avoid the foster moms and dad being in breach associated with chronilogical age of permission law.
  • Whenever sexual intercourse does occur between an instructor (or college management worker) and students. The Supreme Court of the state of Washington has ruled that this law applies regarding students up to the age of 21. In this case
    • Consequently, instructor whom partcipates in sexual intercourse with a pupil underneath the chronilogical age of 21 violates this legislation.
  • Whenever sexual intercourse happens between two events who possess a “significant relationship, ” the older individual has reached minimum 60 months avove the age of the more youthful individual, additionally the older person abuses the partnership to result in the sexual intercourse. Continue reading