Gay Dating Scams in Ghana. 73 thoughts on “ Guestbook ”

Gay Dating Scams in Ghana. 73 thoughts on “ Guestbook ”

Hey guys this will be a great web site though they are bad guys around also forieners in accra really neeDs to be careful for we gays in ghana i think is a good ideals to feetch out the fake guys who calls themself gays to me able to know the real guys in accra am Prosper a Nigeria eaving in ghana for a year now am enjoying ghana but

Ronny, with 99.99999per cent of those 1000’s of West guys that are african being crooks, scammers, fakers – call them what you should, how will you believe that it is feasible to fish them out? They change names, profiles, email messages, telephone numbers on a continuous foundation. A GENUINE GUY ARE VIRTUALLY ZERO! DON’T BE TAKEN IN BY THEIR ‘SWEET TALK’ WHICH THEY HAVE PRE-TYPED AND COPIED AND PASTED TO HUNDREDS OF OTHER GULLIBLE MEN ALREADY as is mentioned time and again on this site, I would warn anyone making contact with West African guys : YOUR CHANCES OF MEETING. The one thing without a doubt NEVER let them have a telephone number. These are generally master crooks and also if you get intercourse, they have a “sword hanging over you”, waiting to pounce during the right minute if you’re many vunerable as you are able to read from some other reviews here. Far better remain away! . A place to see – it is really not just homosexual guys being conned, we read recently that Nigerian based “love gangs” had conned A$6m out of Australian feamales in 12 months utilizing claims of perfect love and crazy intercourse, so it’s a profitable con-business fo rthem. In the event that Dating internet sites by themselves had any feeling of committment for their users they might upload warnings on their own, associated in specific to known trouble hot-spots. But don’t expect that from them, therefore congratulations to for setting up the right time and effort to alert other people.

Magnificent site. A great amount of of good use information right here. I’m giving it to friends that are several furthermore sharing in delicious. And obviously, many thanks for the perspiration!

Thank you for the supportive remark!

Right right right Here i’m additionally deceived by one and finding it very hard to also locate a companion…. Trust me… Only if that discreet guy is someplace can be found.. We might never be this lonely.. But we nevertheless feel there was some body on the market for me personally!

yeah 2rue maybe u have 2 find this time nd dont believe when somebody claims 2 are finding … that is u…….

Hi, Well, that is a really good website, just a few visits in Ghana the things I think you have to know is the fact that – some of these dudes you meet are better plus some are even even worse, but better or worse they ALL UPON YOUR CASH. they could get it done well or poorly, however you will loose some. We heard genuine bad tales, and I also will even inform you mine. my recomendation is DON’T MEET ANYBODY IF YOU DON’T ARE PREPARED TO spend HIM. DURATION. tright herefore listed below are a few tales: 1. this person we meet, for support after we had sex after we meet he starts talking about how he needs my support – well, a big black guy in my hotel room asks me. goodbye 100$ 2. This man we came across in a club. he seemed actually good, we also joined up with facebook following the intercourse. woke up without my iphone , 3. now this will be a sad story – not mine but a friends one. he lives and works in Ghana, therefore among the guards where he lives understands he’s homosexual, he apporches him, they will have intercourse. it is all ok. they are doing it once again. 2nd time it is all ok. third time whlle they’ve been sex, two police come in the entranceway and goodbye 1500$ So – like I stated, we discovered my training. hope you get it and never loose your cash for many black colored rather than guys… that is always sexy.

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