Pass Go and collect a lot more than $200: the latest quarterly financial returns for brand New Jersey suggest iGaming has been a worthwhile investment for land-based gambling enterprises.

Pass Go<span id="more-1512"></span> and collect a lot more than $200: the latest quarterly financial returns for brand New Jersey suggest iGaming has been a worthwhile investment for land-based gambling enterprises.

The latest Q4 financial returns for New Jersey’s regulated online casino and poker sites were posted this week and, surprisingly, the numbers made reading that is mostly pleasant. Inspite of the US iGaming industry not blooming within the way Garden State regulators may have hoped, there has been an increase that is marked revenue on the last three months.

Comparing Q4 2013 and Q4 2014, the Atlantic City’s Golden Nugget enjoyed the upswing that is biggest, with a 50.4 percent escalation in net income.

Also benefiting having a positive three months in the arena that is iGaming the beach resort’s Tropicana Hotel and Casino. Between its eponymously branded platform and its Virgin subsidiary, the operator raked in $46,306,000 in net income during final three months of 2014, in comparison to $30,793,000 in 2013, for a 33.8 per cent increase.

Continuing to dominate the market with regards to pure revenue, but, was the Borgata. The operator still reported a 14 percent improvement in the final months of 2014 despite not showing as much growth as its peers.

iGaming Pulling Its Fat

Overall, the full total revenue that is net all of Atlantic City’s casinos within the last quarter of 2014 increased by 12 percent, but the most crucial derive from the report was the influence of online gaming. Although the majority of Atlantic City’s active operators all enjoyed increased profits at free 3d slots full screen the close of 2014, it was the casinos with online gaming that showed the biggest improvements.

Apart from Resorts (which has opened an online platform in New Jersey), none of the existing casinos operators in Atlantic City, including Bally’s, Caesars (Caesars on the web entity,, is separate from the live product) or Harrah’s, handled to top the Borgata’s 14 percent development.

Moreover, when comparing 2013 and 2014 as complete entities, the web revenue numbers for Borgata, Golden Nugget, and Tropicana declare that on line gaming has contributed up to a better overall performance for the AC’s gambling enterprises.

New Jersey Land-Based Casinos with Internet Gaming:

The Garden State’s brick-and-mortar casinos have spun the online into more gold because of their operators. (Image:

• Borgata: 6.1 per cent increase
• Golden Nugget: 36.4 percent increase
• Tropicana: 24 % increase
• Trump Taj Mahal: 17.7 per cent decrease

New Jersey casinos that are land-Based Internet Gaming:

• Bally’s AC: 10.9 percent decrease
• Caesars: 4.3 % decrease
• Harrah’s Resorts: 0.6 percent increase
• Resorts: 10.1 per cent increase

The numbers do seem to suggest that casinos with an interest in the Internet are beginning to see the benefits of their investments while it’s too soon to state that online gaming is the definitive reason for the disparity in results.

There’s no doubt that iGaming in nj has quite a distance to go before it are considered a booming industry, but there’s certainly lots of positives to be drawn through the latest return that is financial.

New Jersey Outpacing Peers

But while online gaming is gradually beginning to establish itself in New Jersey, things aren’t quite because positive somewhere else into the US.

Delaware’s licensed casinos suffered a 14 percent decrease in net revenue in February 2015 in comparison to 2014. The latest results were still down on 2014 despite the state’s operators taking in more money in February than they did in January.

Luckily, Delaware has enacted a liquidity sharing pact with Nevada, which is predicted to improve the fortunes of both states. In reality, the latest analysis has shown an initial spike in traffic.

Although the numbers have since stabilized, it looks the situation that the sharing of player pools could be the way that is best to ensure the development of iGaming across the two states, as well as the others of the country, as more markets begin to regulate themselves.

Harry Reid’s Brother Arrested for DUI, Battery

Day Harry Reid lost sight in one of his eyes after suffering an injury on New Year’s. (Image:

Senator Harry Reid (D-Nevada) has been sightless in his right eye considering that the beginning of the year, despite hours of surgery on that eye.

According to Reid, that was the effect of a accident that is exercising New Year’s Day, whenever workout bands he was using snapped, causing him to fall, ensuing in several broken ribs and harm to his eye and face.

But because the beginning, there has been skepticism from some about how Reid really suffered those injuries, and an incident that is new bringing those rumors towards the forefront again.

Reid’s 73-year-old brother, Larry Reid, ended up being arrested on fees of DUI and battery of a police officer. The arrest by Nevada police happened during the middle of the time on Monday between Boulder City and Searchlight.

According to Patrol spokesman Trooper Loy Hixson, a continuing state trooper saw Larry Reid’s SUV running in the dust median, ultimately leading to the arrest. Other costs included not wearing a chair belt and possession of a gun while intoxicated by alcohol.

Harry Reid’s workplace was quiet about the incident, apart from confirming that the guy who was arrested is indeed the brother of the Senator, and saying that the incident is a ‘private matter.’

But the arrest has brought a rumor back in the spotlight, one that connects Larry Reid along with his brother’s debilitating eye injury.

Larry Rumored to Have Involvement in Senator’s Injuries

While Reid was not prepared to entertain the rumors, there have been rumblings (particularly from the Senator’s critics) that the injuries may have result from a fight.

The Power Line website outlined a theory he had been in a fight with a family member that it could have been Larry who fought his brother, citing a source that claimed Larry Reid came to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting on New Year’s Eve, saying.

Neither the Senator’s office nor the Reid family have even entertained that story, and there isn’t any evidence that is direct declare that this kind of battle ever occurred.

The Capitol Police, which was responsible for security at Reid’s house during the period of the damage, has also declined to release their reports on the incident.

Harry Reid announced final week that he wouldn’t be running for reelection next year, meaning that he will be ending a 30-year stint in Congress. During that right time, he served as both the Senate Majority and Minority Leader.

The previous president of the Nevada Gaming Commission, Reid has often been among the leading voices on gambling dilemmas within the Senate.

Reid Supports RAWA, But Wants Poker Carve Out

In the last few years, Reid happens to be among the central figures within the battle over online gambling during the federal level.

Late this past year, Reid signaled he might actually be in favor for the Restoration of America’s Wire Act (RAWA), the online gambling ban favored by Reid’s friend but governmental opponent, Sheldon Adelson.

‘I think the proliferation of gambling in the online is negative for the country,’ Reid told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. ‘ I think it is an invitation to crime.’

That led to speculation that Reid may have made a deal with Adelson to keep carefully the nevada Sands CEO from supporting a challenger in their 2016 Senate race.

Nevertheless, Reid’s retirement, combined with the fact he would try to get a poker exemption into RAWA, suggested that this was not the case, and Reid has denied any such agreement that he said.

Revel Casino Curse Continues as Straub Shuts Off Electricity, Garnering City Fine

Glenn Straub, Revel’s new owner, claims he’s got a bad style in his lips about federal government, following the city’s decision to fine him over failure to cover for the Revel’s ongoing power supply. (Image: AP)

It’s lights out for Revel, while the shuttered Atlantic City casino’s neighboring power plant has acted on its threat to cut the energy supply off to the building in defiance of its new owner, Glenn Straub.

Straub won the right to get Revel week that is last $82 million, following a 10-month appropriate battle, which saw the original winner of the casino’s bankruptcy auction, Brookfield Property Management, pull out of the deal when it balked at the $36 million ‘green’ annual energy bill.

In comparison, the Borgata that is nearby pays $12 million a year in energy costs, despite having twice as many resort rooms and a larger casino flooring.

Straub has discovered a way that is novel of with the problem. Unable in the future to terms with the plant’s owners, ACR LLC, the Florida property developer has said he will simply refuse to honor the contract; rather, he will hire portable generator trucks to power the 47-story building until it may be hooked up to the Showboat Casino next home, which Straub additionally bought week that is last.

Potential Catastrophe

ACR cut the ability to Revel on Thursday afternoon, two times after Straub overran the building, and, as no generators that are portable as yet in position, the city states it will fine Straub every day that the fire suppression systems are inoperative.

Even beach that is beautiful couldn’t lift the curse that has haunted the Revel Casino in Atlantic City since Day One. (Image:

The fire division has warned that the lack of flowing water through Revel’s pipes, and no electricity to allow firefighters usage of the upper floors, means that any fire outbreak could be potentially catastrophic.

‘It’s essential for us that the fire security systems are doing work for the security of our firefighters if, God forbid, there is a fire in that building,’ said Chris Filiciello, the mayor’s chief of staff.

‘He is the master of the house, and the master of the building is responsible for making yes the fire safety systems are functional.’

Straub said that your decision to fine him has left him with ‘a bad taste in my mouth about government.’

Sea Turtles Down the Boardwalk

‘If they turn us away, we will go invest our money someplace else,’ warned Straub. ‘I can extremely easily go back to Miami and be busy down here. They need to be fining the social people who caused this, maybe not the person who just walked through the doorway.’

Revel’s energy plant ended up being built specifically for its own purpose and had been, up until the other day, its sole customer. Revel AC Inc. began building the energy plant when work started on the property in 2008. When the company went out of money, the plant was taken over by ACR, which demanded a 15 per cent return on its equity in the first five years and 18 percent after that, hence the enormity of its bills that are annual.

‘This is the last thing we want,’ said Timothy Lowry, legal counsel for ACR. ‘But this guy… I do not understand what to believe. He wants us to give power that is free. Glenn Straub does not want to pay anything. He bought Showboat, in which he thinks he’s going to be sea that is sending down the Boardwalk with electrical cords.’