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One of our favorite Armenian marriage ceremony ceremony traditions is the blocking of the doorway that’s done by relations on the bride’s facet as the armenian women for marriage bride and groom are exiting the bride’s house. Be real and your gf, and she’s going to discover your express character.

The church, however, has incorporated these legendary beliefs in its ritual and ceremony, and in that way has given them the mandatory sanction by which they are passed on from generation to era. They thus form a part of the everlasting social custom of the Armenian individuals. spirit of the teachings of Jesus as any Christian sect that ever existed.38 But how utterly opposed, how perfectly contradictory to the brick and mortar faith of Gregory! The following picture was clearly set forth in a disputation between two Armenian church-men occurring on the shut of the third century. “Tell me,” says Archelaus, “over whom it was that the Holy Spirit descended like a dove?

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He is as nicely a kind of marriage company, employment company, and reduction agency, acting at all times of course in coöperation with the council of elders of his parish. So the people inform the priest of their want and the priest does all in his energy to assist them. The festivals and ceremonies which constitute the second a part of my paper thus type the car of expression of the nationwide sentiment, and are all related with the church. Already, just one hundred fifty years after the conversion, the muse of the church was safe. This in fact was made attainable by the completeness of the work of its founders; but this in itself would not have been enough.

The ceremony might better be named “the Blessing of the Water,” for that is what it really consists of. The extra incessantly used relics are these of St. Gregory the Illuminator, St. John the Baptist, St. James of Nisibis, or St. George the Martyr. The priest reads prayers over the water, that are answered by the chants from the choir, after which he dips the relic or the cross into the water thrice, lastly making the sign of the cross over the bowl. The Lord’s prayer is repeated, after which a ladle is placed on one facet of the vessel, while the priest kneels on the other, cross or relic in hand.

The church makes up amply in the Easter pageant for any lack of participation at New Year. Forty-eight days of rigid lenten abstinence, during which period no meat is eaten, precede the festivities of Easter Day. The first two or three days of the Holy Week are given over to housecleaning, which nevertheless have to be completed by Thursday in order that the individuals may attend the ceremonies at church which proceed until Easter Day. On Thursday afternoon “the Washing of the Feet,” to be described later, commences, and the service continues until past midnight. On Saturday all go to the tub, which is made a vital part of the week’s celebrations, and on the afternoon of the same day the true Easter service, known as the Lighting of the Lights, begins.

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Besides the companies there may be the banquet, the special choir, and the band. In fact there is adequate to induce the pilgrims to remain for a number of days, which lots of them do. The grounds are provided with a pilgrim’s court surrounded by guest chambers utilized right now. “Khatchahankist,” that means actually, “repose of the cross,” is the second of the four church ceremonies I shall describe.

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Now the folks crowd about, cross their faces and kiss the cross, after which take up the ladle to drink of the water thus blessed especially for drinking functions. It is used additionally for ablutions, for well-liked belief endows the sacred liquid with healing energy.

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If he was already excellent, if he was already the Son, if he was already Virtue, the Holy Spirit could not have entered into him. A kingdom can’t enter right into a kingdom.”39 What is also to the purpose is the celebrated formula of Nice at which the nature of Christ was outlined as essentially and constantly divine. Both Agathangelus and Faustus of Byzantium have been silent concerning these individuals, and, one suspects, advisedly so. Moses of Khorene, referred to as the Herodotus of Armenia, has written the best known history of the Armenian folks.

Many tried to establish small businesses in West Pullman and elsewhere, especially as Armenian grocers, shoemakers, tailors, and rug merchants and repairers. replied when requested to give the hand of his daughter to Artasches, “From whence shall brave Artasches give thousands upon hundreds and ten 1000’s upon tens of hundreds unto the Alans in return for the maiden?

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The work has been translated into Latin, Italian, French, German, and Russian. Moses lived within the fifth century, two centuries after the conversion of the nation to Christianity. He belonged to the second order of translators in the school of St. Sahag and St. Mesrob, and was despatched to Syria, Egypt, Greece, and Rome in order to complete his studies. Upon returning to his country he discovered every little thing in dysfunction. St. Sahag and St. Mesrob have been useless, the king had been overthrown, and he chose the life of solitude.

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After this ceremony she should go to the godfather and kiss his hand in token of gratitude. Especially is this true of the consecration of the Katholikos, which can happen twice or on the most 3 times in a generation. Having assembled, the event is thus made a fantastic deal extra of than if it had been an strange event. The day is a festival day in the full meaning of the term.

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The church is first illuminated on Easter Eve, for on the three preceding days of mourning and sorrow the altar shrine is kept closed and no candles are lit. Even the congregation holds lighted wax candles whereas the triumphal songs are chanted by the robed choir of little boys. Besides several specifically prepared New Year’s dishes, every house have to be supplied with a dish of every type of fruit, dried or fresh. Small candles are caught across the plates, and the presents are heaped up on a side table.

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