About the Book

Vanished in the Dunes introduces Amos Posner, whose circumstances have left him susceptible to essay writers for hire flattery by an attractive and https://jobitel.com uninhibited woman he meets on the bus from Manhattan to the Hamptons. Posner lives in an upscale Hamptons beach community after losing his senior position https://xjobs.org/ in an international trading firm. His wife’s legal career keeps her in Manhattan, leaving him isolated and vulnerable.

The woman persuades Posner to give her a tour online essay of the area, which ends in his beach house. She clearly offers sex, but he resists and leaves briefly only to return and find the young woman’s broken form at the foot of his stairs. Posner panics; he buries the body rather than face questions from his wife and authorities that might exacerbate the investigation into his business dealings. Her disappearance sets off a chain of events involving a tension filled encounter between her obsessively jealous boyfriend and an estranged look-alike sister. Find out more about slot machines. A local police detective develops an emotional involvement in the case with consequences that spiral tragically out of control. In a setting known for its natural beauty and great wealth, the intricate plot takes startling turns that lead to harrowing results and a stunning confrontation.